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Gündem, has been serving in the areas of Sterilization, Cleaning&Disinfection, CSSD and Decontamination since 1990.
Gündem, is a representative of a philosophy which doesn’t regard “Sterilization” concept which is formed by Standard products, as whole and which offers solutions in accordance with the limitless risks and requirements of each enterprise or individual and secures variety of products as well. To this end, an importer which is the distributor in the territory of Turkey, of the worldwide-leading manufacturers is also a corporate that produces and launches state-of-the-art technology products in global markets.
The most superior and privileged particular of Gündem is the scientific contribution it provided in the seminars called ‘ Monitoring of Various Sterilization processes in Hospitals&Industry, Documentation, Importance of the Significance of Cleaning & Disinfecting Tools Prior to Sterilization, Microbiological, Technical and Legal Aspects’’ organization of which it prepared in conjunction with its deals across Turkey.
Gündem, provides technical services and maintenance for medical devices of which we are representative and the devices (sealers and the indicators) we produce with our has been experience since 1990, by virtue of ISO 9001, Certificates of Conformity to C€ and Certificates of Qualification for After-Sale Services, can offer you support in respect of the latest versions of Turkish (TS EN), European (CEN) and Worldwide (ISO) Standards, published in the sphere of Sterilization.
We hold certificates of conformity to Worldwide and European Standards for each product we produce and import.
To set up agenda in line with continuous improvement and enhancement concept in consideration of all differences required in each event in the sanitary sector.
To be known for with specialized subjects involved in health sector; to ensure knowledge to lead in scientific and technological developments in regard to the subject-matters we are well known for; to be a participative corporate in the Agenda of the health sector by our knowledge.
·        To maintain sustainability by offering unique and high-quality products for our clients as much possible as it can, just in time, completely.
·        To satisfy all material and spirit requirements and to contribute to individual development in order to ensure humanitarian living in a restful ambient for our employees and their families.
·        To make contribution to the existence and branding of our suppliers under constant trading relationship by complying with the provisions of our contracts with them.
·        To attach utmost significance to serving to general public health by conforming to conventional or non-conventional rules of the society.
·        To ensure Gündem Inc. to be a significant trademark in the sector by improving more compared to the previous day.
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